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Northern Grown is your Fairfield, ME cannabis connection to high-quality medicinal marijuana products at a price you can afford!

Focused on YOU

Northern Grown is a fully-licensed medical marijuana dispensary with a number one focus on providing the highest-quality strain specific medicinal cannabis at the lowest price possible. Our experienced caregivers are committed to our patients and strongly believe that you do not have to live any less than a full life with your chronic conditions. With Northern Grown’s variety of high-quality medicinal marijuana, CBD, vapes, extracts and more available-we can connect you to the best medicinal support for your needs.

Cannabis Culture

Meet the caregivers and staff at Northern Grown and find out why we are so focused on high-quality cannabis that is strain specific and as pure as possible. Find out why you can trust our medical cannabis, CBD, concentrates and tinctures.

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Cannabis Products

Discover our wide-range of medical marijuana edibles, concentrates, tinctures and more. Learn more about the vertically-integrated and experience-based process that helps ensure the high-quality of our organic cannabis products.

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Sales and Specials

We are always offering sales and special offers to connect you to a variety of our high-quality organic medicinal cannabis, CBD, concentrates, and other products. We want your medical marijuana products to be as affordable as possible!

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Cannabis 101

Explore the variety of effect-specific strains, the different ways to absorb your medicine including concentrates and edibles we offer for your chronic conditions, illnesses and other needs. Get familiar with cannabis and why this plant is so helpful medicinally.

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Want to learn more, or ask questions? Need help deciding what effect specific strain might be right for you? Want to come see our affiliates or our own professional caregivers and staff?

Quality through vertical integration

Northern Grown is proud to be a local, vertically integrated company. It is important to us that we can stand behind our high-quality claim, so we make sure we know every aspect of the seed to sale journey of the medical cannabis products we carry. Our medical marijuana is only handled by professional, knowledgeable growers, processors and caregivers.

What to Expect

At Northern Grown in Fairfield, ME we are proud to offer high-quality, medical cannabis grade CBD products for our customers looking for the medicinal benefits for chronic conditions that marijuana offers without the THC many medical cannabis products contain.

Northern Grown is caregiver owned and operated in Fairfield, ME.

We take pride in the time we dedicate to fostering close customer and caregiver relationships in Fairfield, ME. We always have a caregiver on site to answer questions and assist our customers. Helping our patients discover what medical cannabis products work best for their chronic pain and other conditions, is a passion and is the driving force behind the quality of our effect specific, always as organic and pure as possible cannabis, CBD, concentrate, vapes, and extracts products. We proudly display a beautiful glass gallery featuring locally handcrafted pieces.

Cannabis Concentrates

The medical cannabis, concentrates and distillates are all processed at an affiliate processing facility-Full Spectrum Solutions-in Fairfield, ME. Their facility was established on the basis of integrity and safety with high quality product being their main goal. They offer experience-based handling of our medical marijuana, resulting in a clean, high quality product. To learn more about their processing and why we trust them, find them here!

All patients must provide or obtain a Medical Card for access to our medical cannabis products.

We are always happy to offer our knowledge and experience in finding help for the process of applying for a medical card.

**Out of state patients are welcome with proper valid identification and medical card**