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Northern Grown is your Fairfield, ME cannabis connection to high-quality medicinal marijuana products at a price you can afford!

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Northern Grown in Fairfield, ME is your connection to high-quality medical grade cannabis products and to readily available, dedicated and experienced medical marijuana caregivers and staff. Our main focus is creating the highest-quality strain specific medicinal cannabis possible at the lowest price possible. We believe in the importance of living a full life and are always working to stay educated and advanced in the knowledge needed to assist our patients in finding the best support possible for their chronic pain and other chronic conditions. We are vertically integrated and only cultivate and carry the most organic and pure medical marijuana, vapes, CBD, concentrates, edibles and cannabis extract products possible. All of our strains are cultivated in house with experienced caregivers, producing a wide variety of flower for all types of uses and chronic conditions.

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Get educated on the amazing benefits of utilizing medical grade organic cannabis for chronic conditions and ailments. Understand cannabis and the compounds that are extracted for our medicine. Explore the variety of effect-specific strains, medical marijuana, vapes, concentrates and edibles and more. We work hard to stay up to date on the the constant growth and change of the cannabis industry.

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Discover our wide-range of Maine medical marijuana edibles, concentrates, tinctures and more. Each product offers a variety of indica, sativa, or hybrid strain options and different THC dose options for individualized cannabis medicine. Learn about the vertically-integrated and experience-based caregiver process you won’t get from Maine dispensaries, that helps ensure the quality of our cannabis products.

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