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Determining Your THC Dosage

Where to Begin

Many factors go into how much THC you consume when using certain Maine medical marijuana products. The amount of THC absorbed by your body from a joint is different from how much THC you’ll get from a bong, for example. No matter how anyone chooses to enjoy their cannabis, determining how much THC you are consuming is essential for therapeutic reasons.  Many patients who have utilized THC dosing for therapeutic use on a long term basis have truly learned their optimal THC dosage through experience and experimentation. Although, the new medical marijuana patient may not know how much is too much. Marijuana is not responsible for any deaths or overdoses; however, people can become uncomfortable when consuming too much. That said, different strains offer higher THC percentages, and some offer lower portions. Some cannabis plants, more known for their CBD qualities, will have less THC in them when consumed.

Strains with More or Less THCFinding the right strains

Caregivers are experimenting with the many strains and hybrids that offer different levels of THC. Some cannabis strains have drastically less THC because that is naturally what their chemical makeup provides. When determining what Maine cannabis strain will give you the best results, it’s essential to always start slow. Suppose you’re choosing cannabis with an unusually high THC percentage, taking one puff, and seeing how you feel would be the best way to approach it. This method is excellent for any form of cannabis or hemp. Any new patient who has never used medical cannabis before should not be intimidated or worry about potentially taking too much, with the right caregiver offering guidance. Some patients have expressed discomfort or possible overwhelming feelings when consuming too much, but these effects will dissipate with time. It is crucial to work with a caregiver for guidance and advice.

It Starts With One

Now that you know it’s best to start gradually, let’s talk about some of the ways THC can make you feel. THC is the psychotropic ingredient in Maine medical marijuana that gives us that feel-good effect. Many report that they find THC is especially suitable for patients with increased anxiety or chronic back pain. Because THC works with our cannabinoid receptors in our brains, it can give us the medicinal benefits many find from medical marijuana. Although smoking is only one-way, patients can enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Making edibles that contain THC also provides strong possibilities for relief. When consuming an edible, THC is absorbed differently by our bodies. That’s why some people feel that THC edibles affect them more potently than other means of consumption. The beautiful thing about caregivers providing Maine medical marijuana is they care about the individual consumer product. Having discretion with your caregiver is the best way to determine the proper THC dosage to give you the best results.

Your Body Will Tell You

For most Maine medical marijuana patients, they have an understanding of how their body is feeling. They have tried other means of symptom relief, but have found cannabis more beneficial. Like being prescribed certain pharmaceutical medications, most doctors will start from a small dosage and work their way up, the same goes for Maine medical marijuana. Finding the proper amount of THC is different for each person. Where one person can consume an entire joint by themselves, another person may not be able to take more than a few puffs. Whether you’re eating a marijuana edible or enjoying other means of consumption, take small amounts at a time. Taking low doses at a time can help you dial in just how much is too much or how much is the perfect amount of THC for your therapeutic benefit. During this experimental phase, it is essential to work with a trusted caregiver for advice, support, and expert guidance. The caregivers at Cannabis Cured work hard to produce effective, optimal strains and are always happy to help our patients. We encourage you to stop in today to find your best THC product.