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Northern Grown is your Fairfield, ME cannabis connection to high-quality medicinal marijuana products at a price you can afford!

Northern Grown In Fairfield, Me Is Your Local Connection

For finding high-quality medical marijuana, concentrates, CBD, vape products, and organic cannabis extracts.

Northern Grown is proud to be vertically integrated and to be intimately familiar with every step of the process from seed to sale that achieves the most high-quality, effect specific, medical grade medicine possible. Every plant is expertly cared for, crafted and cultivated. We strive to keep our process as organic as possible. We always stabilize genetics before claiming them into our company to ensure that right potency, mix of cannabinoid compounds and quality to connect the most effect specific medicine to our patients dealing with chronic conditions and ailments.

Cannabis Products


Maine Medical Marijuana Plants

Cannabis is a plant that has been utilized for centuries with known medicinal benefits for a variety of conditions and ailments. The two most commonly used plant varieties are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, both with their own properties and benefits. Typically the leaves and flowers are dried and then further processed in a variety of ways to create many cannabis products, including medical marijuana, concentrates, vapes, cannabis extracts, CBD, edibles, and more.

Maine Medical Marijuana Plants

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Want to learn more, or ask questions? Need help deciding what effect specific strain might be right for you? Would you like to explore the variety of medicinal cannabis products we carry. Want to come see our affiliates or our own professional caregivers and staff?

Our Concentrates

  • Shatter- a glass-like, brittle cannabis concentrate that is easy to dose and potent
  • HoneyComb- a potent, dry and porous, cannabis wax with a honey-comb appearance
  • Sauce- a potent, terpene-rich cannabis concentrate product with a sticky, liquid, sap-like consistency
  • Diamonds- a potent cannabis concentrate product that is crystal-like formations of isolated THC from raw cannabis extract
  • Crumble- a potent, chunky, crumb-like cannabis wax
  • Sugar- an easy to use cannabis concentrate product that is sugar crystals with transferred cannabinoids
  • Wax- potent blended raw cannabis extracts with either a whipped, airy and smooth consistency, or further processed into a drier, crumble or honeycomb consistency
  • Cartridges- pre-filled, easy to dose cannabis extract products that pair with a battery for vaping, available in a variety of doses, strains, CBD-rich versus THC rich options

There Are So Many Ways To Access The Benefits Of Medical-grade Marijuana And Our Professional And Experienced Caregivers And Staff At Northern Grown In Fairfield, Me Will Work With You To Determine What Will Provide The Best Benefits For You.