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Indica Strains

The Cannabis Indica plant is one of the main varieties of marijuana. Indica strains have many useful effects when consumed for medicinal benefits. Indica strains are known to be a great option for relaxation and reducing stress. You can utilize a relaxing Indica strain of medicinal cannabis in a variety of products and dosing options. Some patients prefer to only consume Indica strains of medical marijuana for their unique needs and ailments, other patient’s find it useful to mix strains and use Indica strains in the evenings or to target specific needs that an Indica cannabis strain may support best. 


Indica marijuana plants are dense, short and busy. They have wide and short leaves with dense flowers. Cannabis Indica grows and flowers quickly and provides a higher yield of consumable cannabis than Sativa varieties do. Indica’s typically have an herbal and spicy smell and taste profile. They often can be reminiscent of diesel-like smells, and are frequently thought of as “skunky”. Indicas often provide the typical marijauna smell many associate with the classic smell of “weed”.


Myrcene is the most commonly found terpene in marijuana and is known to specifically support anxious feelings and trouble sleeping. Myrcene is also the terpene that helps identify if a cannabis plant is deemed an Indica variety or a Sativa variety. If a higher count of Myrcene is found in a cannabis strain then it is typically of the Indica variety. Myrcene typically has an herbal smell and is also found in hops. Pinene and caryophyllene are other common terpenes found in Indica cannabis strains. Pinene typically has a pine smell and is also found in pine trees. Caryophyllene typically has a spicy smell and is found in black pepper. The THC count in Indicas is typically lower than in Sativas. The CBD count in Indicas is typically higher than found in most Sativas. 

Indica cannabis strains are known to induce a “body high” and can bring on both body and mind relaxation effects. Indica strains are typically useful for evening and bedtime consumption, and recommended for use during those times. It is specifically known to be useful for trouble with sleeping. They are perfect for mental and muscle relaxation after a long day at work. Many Sativa marijuana strains can be useful for decreasing nausea and increasing appetite if it is something you suffer from — making it a favorite among chemotherapy patients. Many consumers say they find Sativa strains helpful to decrease acute pain and that they have anti-anxiety effects. This is likely due to the fact that Indica cannabis strains increase dopamine — a happy chemical that transmits signals between the nerves of the brain. These are the same happy and pleasurable chemicals that are released during intimacy, physical touch, and while eating food you enjoy.

You can also choose to utilize a Hybrid strain of medicinal marijuana to capture the maximum benefits for your needs and wants. A cannabis Hybrid is a cultivated strain that originates from two strains bred into a new Hybrid or combined strain. A Hybrid can be a cannabis strain that is a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains, or a strain that is a mix of multiple Indica cannabis strains in one. Hybrid strains can be useful for more specific targeted results and to maximize the benefits from more than one strain into one useful and enjoyable strain.
Cannabis Indica

The caregivers at Northern Grown can work with you to discover the medicinal cannabis strain that will work best for your needs and wants. We can walk you through the different product options and administration methods available in our store to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We are always happy to share our favorite strains and provide you with more information about the strains we carry, such as scents, tastes, effects and benefits, and more. Come in to see us or get in touch with us today to find your perfect Indica strain!