Indica vs Sativa


The varieties of the marijuana plant

There is no end to the options for medicinal marijuana strains. There is a strain fit for every taste and a strain fit for every need. When first seeking out a medical marijuana product for your specific need it is best to decide which variety is most likely to be supportive. There are many options with medicinal cannabis, with the first main choice being Indica vs Sativa. There are two major types of cannabis plants that medical marijuana can be categorized under. The two main types of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits. Medicinal Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation. Medicinal Sativa strains tend to provide a more energizing experience. Some ailments respond well to one variety, but less so to another. A trustworthy cannabis dispensary can guide you to which variety might be best suited to your specific needs and then assist in choosing a strain once you have settled on an Indica vs. Sativa direction. 


Relax and unwind with a medicinal Indica variety

If you are looking to come home from a long day and take the edge off so you can fully relax and unwind then a medicinal Indica cannabis strain might be the answer for you. Medicinal Indica strains are routinely recommended for evening and bedtime consumption because of the deep mind and body relaxation and release they may bring. An Indica marijuana buzz is felt more in the body than the mind and can aid in pain relief. Consumption of an Indica strain can help to ease away the stress of the day on your body and mind and calm your thoughts before bed. Indica medicinal cannabis strains are often consumed as a bedtime medicine due to their beneficial effects of promoting a deeper, calmer sleep, and are found to be helpful in falling asleep for some. Indica cannabis strains often bring about the more traditional effects and benefits many associate with marijuana consumption. 


Energy to face the day with a medicinal Sativa variety 

If you find that you need an energy and mood boost to feel ready to take on your day then a medicinal Sativa marijuana strain might be your ticket. Sativa strains are routinely recommended for daytime consumption because of the increase in energy and mood they may encourage. The buzz from Sativa strains are often felt more in the head, and less in the body. This allows you to get up and move about your day without any body heaviness, while also possibly boosting focus, creativity and productivity in your mind. Medicinal Sativa strains may be found useful to ease pain that often prevents a fully productive, energized day. Many also find Sativa cannabis strains to uplift their mood, encourage more energy, provide some clarity in their thought process, and boost their creative thought processes. Sativa’s are also a favorite in social situations. 


But wait, whats a medicinal Hybrid 

Now that we have explained the differences between the two main varieties of marijuana, let’s take a look at Hybrid strains. Hybrid strains are cultivator created strains that are the result of a cross of two or more cannabis strains. Medicinal Hybrid marijuana strains can Indica dominant or Sativa dominant, or a fairly even match of both. They can be bred from multiple Sativa strains or multiple Indica strains, or one of each. In reality, the majority of strains are at least slightly a Hybrid strain, as the medical cannabis cultivation grows. The industry is focused on patient experience and patient need which further drives the goal of creating medical marijuana strains fit for a variety of needs. When you are choosing Indica vs. Sativa, Hybrids can open up additional possibilities to get the best of both options and customize your medical cannabis use even further. 

Indica vs Sativa

Let us help guide you for your best medicinal cannabis experience

Working with a medical marijuana dispensary that is familiar with the different effects and benefits of different strains, whether Indica vs. Sativa dominant strains will fit best for your needs, and what product options might be the right fit for you is key in a successful experience with medicinal cannabis. Here at Northern Grown we are dedicated to our patient’s experience and in finding the right medicinal cannabis strains to enhance your days and support your nights. We have knowledgeable and helpful caregivers on staff who can guide you through the process of finding the right medical marijuana fit for you. We want to customize your medical cannabis experience, come in to meet us and discover all the options.