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Northern Grown in Fairfield, ME is a caregiver owned and operated, fully licensed, medical marijuana storefront focused on providing our patients with high-quality, effect specific, medical cannabis, CBD products, concentrates, vape cartridges, and extract products. We pride ourselves on the time we dedicate to our customer care and in educating our patients on the many benefits medical cannabis holds for support of chronic pain and many other chronic conditions. When we opened Northern Grown we decided to take an alternative path compared to the average dispensary. We opted for a caregiver storefront with patient care being our top focus. We provide premium medical cannabis at fair prices to ensure you can access your medicine when you need it the most. We also offer personalized care in order to suit your medical needs properly.

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We have a large inventory of popular strains like Blue Dream, Purple Punch, Wedding Crasher and New York City Diesel. At Golden Road Extracts we carry a wide array of various concentrates as well. Shatter, Diamonds, Honey Comb, Crumble and even Crumble are a few of many delectable concentrates we carry at Northern Grown. Our experienced and knowledgeable caregivers will help you determine which strains will best suit your needs. Be sure to try our quality edibles from THC gummies, THC cheesecake pops, THC lemonade mix, THC chocolate bars and more! We are proud to carry a variety of products from sources we know and trust.


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228 Norridgewock Rd, Fairfield, ME 04937

Contact Us Today For All Your Medicinal Cannabis Needs!